Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I just wrote an insanely long blog and it just disappeared! I can't remember what all I had written but I'll try.....
I spoke to my friend Wes from Seattle, WA today. He and his wife are expecting their first baby in December. They should be finding out the sex in the next couple of weeks. She's already 17 weeks. That is so exciting and I'm so happy for them. They will be the best parents. They both have great personalities and love to laugh. I got to hang with my favorite boys the other day, Kelton(aka Superman) and Gage. They are getting so big! When I told Kelton he couldn't get any older, he said "but I want to be grown up." He's so cute. Gage was precious too, such a flirt. I remember when Kelton was that age. I love them!
My house has been quiet since Sach has been gone. His team has tied 2 games and won one. They played the US Women's Hardball Hockey team in a warm up game and beat them. They're playing a women's team from WA tomorrow and he says they are like machines. He doesn't see them winning that one. :) I try to tell him girls are always better but he just doesn't believe me :) It looks as though everyone had a great 4th. I floated the river in Christoval with some friends and watched the fireworks at the lake. It was pretty fun. I got to be the DD as always but at least I knew my friends were safe. I can't wait for Sach to come home!

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Ashley said...

OMG, that is so frustrating when computers erase everyrhing you just wrote! Aww, Kelton and Gage love you so much! So does their Mommy!! I can't wait until you have little ones for me to spoil rotten!!! Glad your handbag is doing so well in his tournaments! Come play! :o)