Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding planning and updates...

Wedding plans are coming along nicely. I actually enjoyed doing the flowers! I've always known what I wanted for flowers so it was actually really simple. The cake was pretty easy, but Sach and I don't really eat cake so my mom picked flavors, I just picked the decoration. All I lack is a DJ for the reception and figuring out what Sach is going to wear. The wedding is going to be casual so no tuxedos will be involved. I have a place for the wedding but it's not final. I haven't decided if that's what we will both be happy with. I really want an outdoor wedding, small and intimate. Finding the perfect place is hard. I'm hoping God will lead us where we are supposed to be.

This is the color flower I'm using! :)

On another note, I put an offer on a house yesterday. I found out this am that I was out bid so no house this week. :( I have been house searching pretty seriously for the last month and just can't find what I want. I really liked this house but I felt it was too much money for not alot of room. It is a super cute house but small. If I'm going to buy a house I want one I can live in for years. Once again, we're praying the right house will come along.

Sach just returned from Mexico City for a hockey tournament. It was the Mexican National tournament. Sach and some friends from around the country have been invited the last 2 years to this tournament by some guys they met from Mexico. Sach's team won 1st place this year! They are the Mexican National Champs! :) I think it's hilarious. Sach had a great time. He love hockey trips and really enjoys traveling. The guys he plays with are lifelong friends. They've been playing hockey together since they were about 10 years old. Most of the guys were from Texas (Lubbock and San Angelo), but there was a guy from California and one from Washington (he's the #1 player in the USA). They are not used to playing outdoors and have the sun burns to prove it but they came through and won! I'm super proud!

I hope all is well with everyone! :)

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