Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I hate scary movies!

I hate scary movies and Sach loves to rub it in! I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up to Sach watching a scary movie, somehow during the movie ALL the lights were turned off. Then he proceeded to freak me out and say things like "Did you hear that?" and "Better not open the closet."!!!! I'm such a weenie!!! I got totally freaked out and turned on every light I could in my house, as he followed me and turned them off again! :) He's such a toot! Just one reason why I hate scary movies, and why Sach loves them! :)
My sis is doing better, things are settling down. She's been real sick, with the morning/all day sickness! She's dealing though. I kept Cash today and we had a great day! We went over to Ashley's and played with Gage and Kelton. Cash is cutting teeth and has been sleeping a bit so not alot of time was spent playing but I think he had fun. I bought him a toy radio that plays "You are my sunshine" a while back. At first he seemed like it totally annoyed him but today he started dancing and clapping and had a big SMILE on his face. It made my day, to say the least! :) He's getting so big! He pulls up and stands and is starting to talk more. Sach thinks he's getting cuter every day, but he doesn't really like kids :) (I still don't believe that!)
I had my first day handling patients on my own yesterday. It was crazy but fun! I'm going to a shower for Tandi this weekend and to get my bridesmaid dress! I'm kinda excited, they are so stinkin elegant! :) Ash and I will look beautiful! :)

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Janet said...

I hate scary movies too! I have to turn all the lights on and distract myself to watch them! I'm glad your sister is doing better. You are so sweet to help her out! You and Ash will def look beautiful in Tandi's wedding. I can't wait to see the pics!