Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today was a great day! Sach and I cleaned the house and it feels so good! I love to have a clean house, and my house was needing it. This week is my last week of orientation at my job. I'm kinda nervous about! I start on my own next week! Ahhh! Scary!
Everything is going great! Cash is getting HUGE! I took some new pics when I kept him last week. He stands like a pro! My sis says this week he has mastered the sippy cup. I hate how fast they grow but I'm happy he's healthy. Please excuse the mess in the pics, just pay attention to the kid :) As of this month he's 9 months old. He kinda reminds me of Gavin (Ash's cousin) in some of his pics.

He likes to show off how he can pull himself up! :)
I thought he's never get past the army crawl! :)

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Janet said...

What a cutie! Wow, 9 months? They do grow so fast! Yay for a clean house. I need to do that!