Monday, September 1, 2008

Sach's birthday celebration!

We had a little birthday party for Sach yesterday out at his parent's house. Some of his hockey buddies came over and some old buddies of his. His entire family was there and my fam made an appearance. Sach will be 30 on Wednesday! I keep rubbing it in that he's getting OLD and I'm still in my 20s :) He had a great time. He set up washer pits for he and his friends to play. My dad and I played his grandad and his great uncle and they beat us! Good washer pitching must run in the family. His mom and I made 50 hamburgers! I haven't patted that many patties EVER! It was a fun party and Sach had fun so that's what matters! I'm including some pics and the new pic up top is from Sunday as well :) I made him wear a pin that said 30 and over the hill!

Sach and his hockey buddies!

Sach pitchin some washers Cody, Sach and Justin
Me and my sis
Cash was in heaven! These girls loved him!

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Janet said...

Happy Birthday Sach!!