Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So it has taken me so long to post some pics from hockey weekend. Sach and his team did very well. They won 2nd place only losing one game. He has so much fun playing hockey! I've become quite a fan when Sach is playing. I find myself yelling and thinking I could be their coach! :) I don't even know that much about the game but I can yell like I do! :) haha! Sach is so FAST on skates! We had a good time in Lubbock and Sach got to see his hockey buddies. I'm amazed at the age diversity of the players. They range anywhere from 7 years old to 66 years old!

Wapo, Sach and Stanley
Sach making a pass

Sach waiting for a pass
So after this trip I decided I need a new camera. I couldn't take the action pics I wanted to. If anyone has any suggestions on a good camera to get let me know! :)

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