Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit to see Mom and Fun with Cash

Sach and I went to Dallas this past weekend to have Christmas with Mom and Johnny T. We had a good time. Cas and Cash were supposed to come but they didn't get to after all. We did some shopping and I got some books I've been looking for! :) My mom was very happy we were there! We went to a christmas party for Johnny's spanish class and drove by some FANTASTIC houses! Some of the houses up there are out of this world! If only....but that'll never happen! :) Mom is doing great since her surgery. You can't even see her scar! We went to eat at a mexican food place that had live music and we sat right in front of the band! It was loud but fun. Mom requested Johnny's favorite song and he was very surprised! It was really cute! :)

It's hard to get Cash to smile in pics these days so when we do it is so much fun! He's getting so big and will be a big brother soon! The next babe is due next month! Cash is getting tubes in his ears on Jan 16 so prayers would be appreciated. I just hope the new baby doesn't decide to come at that time! Here are some fun pictures of Cash with his "grandaddy-O"

I hope everyone has a great holiday and a very Merry Christmas!


Ashley said...

Hey Stranger! Cute pics! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!! Love ya! :o)

Janet said...

I sent you the invite...

Aw, he is so big and so cute! I'll be praying for him as he gets tubes in his ears. Poor thing!