Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Day at the Park!

I went with my sister today to take the boys to the park. It was so much fun! Cash was a grump at first but he got into it! I was disgusted at all the cigarette butts on the ground for the little kids to pick up! Gross! You'd think for such a popular park the city would have it cleaned up regularly. There were a ton of people at the park, and some I knew. It was beautiful today, windy but nice. I felt my aging as I tried to crawl through the little play equipment trying to stimulate Cash's play mode. That stuff has gotten smaller! It's definitely not me getting bigger! :) Mason slept in the stroller the whole time. Cash was watching the older kids play wanting to run around with them. I think Cash liked the things he could spin the best, he's very hands on. I took some pics to share! Cash is so cute! I can't wait till Mason is bigger and can play with us! :)

Mason enjoying the park :)

Cash liked this slide

Cassie and me! :)

He's a cheese ball! :)

Hooray! for spring time!! :) I LOVE SPRING!!

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