Friday, April 3, 2009

Update in short..

Well, the last 2 weeks have gone by so fast. We had a little problem with a dead squirrel in the wall, but Sach and his friend Daniel cut a hole in the wall an pulled it out! (while I stood on the couch and freaked out!) Then after pulling it out he found another one!!! It was very old but very creepy! Thank goodness the house is smelling much better. The hole is now patched and I can walk through my living room and not wonder if something has crawled out of the hole!
I have been wanting to buy a house lately (especially after the squirrel issue) and I am constantly searching for one. Sach makes fun of me because I "rubber neck" when we drive by a neighborhood I wouldn't mind living in. I'm always looking for "For Sale" signs. :) So I decided to go to the bank just to see what I could get a loan for. Sach convinced me that we couldn't afford very much (he's a saver). But the banker approved me for a loan much higher than I expected. I guess being a nurse pays off! :) My credit is fantastic! So let's hope Sach decides it is time to buy a house soon so we can start looking! Especially while the rates are low and may even get lower!
Cassie spent the week in Dallas with the boys. My mom really wanted to take Cash to the zoo and to the Arboretum, they had a display of nursery book houses. I haven't seen the pics yet but Cassie told me she took some cute ones. I went to the doctor with Cassie last week for Mason's 2 month checkup. He weighs 12 lbs! Cash only weighs about 20 lbs! Mason is huge! and getting cuter by the day. So far his eyes have stayed blue like me and my dad but we'll see if they stay. Cassie and Bob both have dark features so it would be cool if Mason kept the blue eyes! (They are my favorite feature if ya can't tell)
Sach is in Lubbock coaching his kids hockey team this weekend. He is still insisting he is not going to coach next year or ever again for that matter. I won't believe it till I see it. He loves hockey so much and I can't see him stopping. :) and he says he doesn't like kids! I think he really loves them! I can't wait to see him with his own kids!


grier said...

Oh, Chels.... bwaaa haa haa about that squirrel... how the heck did you figure that one out???

... and talk that boy into buying a casa - - nows the time to take advantage & they usually come "squirrel free"... ;o)!

Jordan said...

We are going to the Arboetum for the first time this Tuesday! I can't wait as I've heard it's so fun for little ones and has beautiful flowers! Good luck on the house hunt! Take care.

Janet said...

Oh fun! I love looking for houses! I remember when we were in the market and I would always be looking for for sale signs! Congrats on the great credit report and loan!