Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Funday!

This weekend was very fun. I had the whole weekend off so Sach and I got to hang out and have some fun! :) Saturday we went to the C- Ranch (my favorite!) for Carla's birthday. I forgot my camera so I'll have to post pics later when I get some. It was Sach's first time to go to the ranch and I was SOOO excited! It is my friends Chili and Judson's family ranch and I have spent loads of time there with my friends. We planned on spending the afternoon but ended up staying in to the wee hours due to having so much fun! It was great to see my friends and spend time with them and Sach all at once! :)
On Sunday, after a late night, Sach and I went to First Presbyterian Church for gospel Sunday (aka "Dave Sunday"). My dad told me they were playing some good music and Cassie and Bobby were taking Cash so I decided it would be good for me and Sach to go. It was great! :) Lots of good old church songs! They reminded me of my mom. :) What I didn't know what that my dad had like 4 solos! hence the aka "Dave Sunday" :) I love to hear my dad sing and play his guitar and you could tell he really liked the music. Afterwards my dad said he hoped he didn't embarrass us! Dad, you could never embarrass me if you tried! I love you!! :) He did a great job and the music was fantastic! :) After church my sis asked me to take a family photo for her since they were dressed up. We went down to Santa Rita park and took some pictures that turned out pretty good! Here are some shots we took :) It was difficult to get Bobby and Cash both looking at the camera :) (and making a decent face!). Cash was not liking all the pictures and Bob was trying to talk to him so it was hard to catch a good pic :) What I didn't realize until afterwards wat that there were houses in the background! Sorry Cas, I was not paying attention!

I think this one is my favorite :) (I think Bob was saying "Ta-dah!")

Mason, Cassie and me :)

Me and Sach (I'm not in love with this pic but we needed a recent one)
I love spending time with my family although I don't always get the time to :) I love you all!


Janet said...

Wow, those are some great pics! The boys are so big and so cute! You and Sach look great! I also love your pearls! That's awesome your Dad has all those solos. I like some good ol' Gospel music!

Ashley said...

Fun! I miss hearing Dad sing and play times! And, I miss our duet...We believe in God! Those are cute pics of Cass and her precious family!! Looks like y'all had fun at the Ranch too!! Yay! :)