Friday, April 17, 2009

After Easter updates

I just wanted to post some pics from Easter Sunday. I had to work that weekend (Boo!) and my nephew Mason was baptized. I was upset that I had to work but I was serving by helping those who were sick. :) Sach did my family thing for me since I couldn't and took some pics. After church my family gathered at my dad's house for lunch. My mom and Johnny T came in town and I got to see them for a split second. :)
From what I was told, Cash is quite the egg hunter. He had so many Easter egg hunts he attended he was a pro. It took some time getting used to putting the eggs in the basket but he figured it out :) He's got to be the cutest kid! I love him to pieces! :)

Cash finding an egg :)
These are just some other pics that Sach took. I have to say he's not the best picture taker but it's the thought that counts, right? :)

The Stinnetts :) Rick, MaryGail, Zach and Kyle :)

Dad and Kyle O

Mom feeding Mason (don't kill me Mom, it's the only one I had)

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