Monday, December 14, 2009

Super behind.......

Wow! I didn't realize I hadn't updated in a while. Our Thanksgiving was great! I didn't have to work this year so I got to enjoy family time. I absolutely love our families! My family is insane and fun. The "men" play ping-pong and tend to get a little over competive. I have a couple shots of the fun. We also went to Sach's parent's house but everyone was leaving when we got there so I didn't take any pictures. Sach has a great family that are very close. The only thing missing this year was my Mema. Her Alzheimer's has gotten worse and it's just too much for her to take her places. Everyone did make a trip over to see her after the ping-pong so she didn't miss out on the company.

Zach and Sach
Sach and Dave (my dad)

My Uncle Jeff (in black) and his brother James

Uncle Rick, Dad and a foreign exchange student (forgot her name)

Sach and I went to Dallas for a Stars game. My aunt Martha got us free tickets. It was really fun! It was our first trip to the American Airlines Center. The atmosphere makes the games enjoyable even if you're not into hockey (I really don't care for ice hockey). The Stars won and scored 3 points so we got free Chips and Salsa from Chili's. Sach and I went tonight and used one of our coupons :) It was a fast trip but we got to spend some time with my mom and Johnny T. Love, Love, Love them!!!! :)

I had my wisdom teeth taken out last week. I only had the top ones. My mouth is so small they were coming in on the cheek side of my jaw and were difficult to get to. I decided I better have them out before I regreted it. I opted to be put to sleep and that was weird. I've only been put under one other time (for tonsilectomy). The laughing gas didn't work so well, so they gave me drugs through the IV. Waking up was the worst. I could hear and see but could not move my arms or lips or talk. It was the worst feeling. Sach wouldn't look at me because he said my eyes were super dilated and freaked him out. I could go on and on about what a weird and uncomfortable experience that was, but the good thing is that all went well and I no longer have wisdom teeth! My recovery has been really easy and Sach has been the absolute best. He took care of me and made sure I took my meds. I only had a little swelling on one side, not enought to really notice. My pain was very minimal and only required ibuprofen. I was back up and at running 2 days later! I am so thankful I had such a good recovery.

I finally shot a deer on Friday. I have been hunting several times this season and have not fired a single shot. I'm a very picky shooter but my freezer is becoming barren! (if that's how you spell it) Hopefully we will be cooking more chili soon!! :)

Hope everyonoe is enjoying their holiday season! Merry Christmas!!


tiffanyadam said...

You are SO lucky to have had such a great recovery! Mine was a nightmare and I dread when its time for the girls to get theirs out -- luckily that's a ways off! So glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

Alaina said...

Yeah thanks for calling while you were here!

The Millicans said...

So the only thing missing was Memaw? Really??? I guess you didn't miss your sister and her family? Thanks alot. I see how things are!! lol. Atleast I never have to go through the wisdom teeth thing cause I dont have any!!! haha

Sarah said...

Playing ping pong with the family looks like so much fun! I love playing games around the holidays. Sometimes Julie and I get our family to karyoke with us! (And thanks for your comments...your blog makes me happy too!) I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!