Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy 2010! We hope everyone started the year on a good note. We are very excited about the coming year! This is the year we will be married! I'm hoping with it being an even year Sach can remember how long we've been married a little easier. :)

Sach and me
Our Christmas was great! We received lots of great presents! My mom and Johnny came to San Angelo Christmas Eve from Dallas. It took them 11 hours to get here! The weather was horrible so we are very thankful they made it safely! They saw a total of 28 wrecks! It was nice being able to spend Christmas with the WHOLE fam! :) I am blessed to have the fantastic parents that I have and that they are still good friends! It makes the odd situation so much easier for the rest of us. This year I started a tradition with Sach and me, giving each other a Christmas ornament that has some meaning of hope for the coming year. Well, I made the mistake of thinking this up late (only after I saw an ornament I could give him). I got Sach a cutely decorated little mailbox, to symbolize our hope of buying a home in the next year. Sach got me an angel holding a banner that says "hope". :) It was a valiant effort, I thought, especially on such short notice. This year Sach and I actually got to ring in the New Year together, which we have never done! The last few years I have been working so we did not get to do anything. This year we had plenty to do! We started the evening at my dad's house. We had good food and got to hang out with some family! After stuffing our faces, we headed to Sach's friend Wapo's house. There, we got to visit with Sach's hockey buddies. We ended the evening at Justin and Becca Tate's house. There we played some Wii and rang in the New Year!
Me and Dad

Uncles Rick and Jeff

Aunt Sherry

Me and Jenna Tate (she was a trooper!)

Man has this year has flown by! Here's a recap of our memorable events.....
Jan: My nephew Mason came in to the world! and we thought Cash was big!
February: Maddy turned 3. (Sach's neice) What a differency a year can make!
June: Sach's hockey team won the National Title
July: We got engaged!!!! (the most exciting event)
September: Sach turned 31!
October: Sach's hockey team won the Mexican National tournament!
November: I turned 27! Dad turned 60! and Cash turned 2! (time really flies with the little ones!) A very busy month for our fam!
We hope the next year brings more great birthdays and newcomings for everyone!


Sarah said...

You should totally get the mario brothers will like it!

Your Aunt Sherry was my third grade teacher!! I loved her so much...she was one of my favorites. Please tell her that I said hi next time you see her.

Hope you guys have a wonderful year, and I hope the wedding planning is still going well!

Jordan said...

A fun previous year and a fun one ahead!