Saturday, March 27, 2010

Less than a month...ahhh!

Less than a month to go and things are coming together. Sach has a countdown on the refrigerator so I'm reminded every day that I need to stop procrastinating. Every evening he marks off a day. It has become a fun thing we do together. (Although I'm cringing inside as I realize I don't have much time left for final touches). I think for the most part all the hard stuff is done. I had a melt-down the other day but from what I hear I'm lucky I've only had one! There is just not enough time in a week to get everything done I want. I've been trying to make the most of the time I'm given, but even that can get overwhelming. Sach has been great through it all. He even learned how to shop for a hot glue gun and use pinking shears. Something he can use in the future :)
Our minister told us we need to start saying/thinking "We" for everything. Sach had a really hard time with this when it came time for bridal portraits. He thought "we" needed to be going, haha, not the case. We have definitely enjoyed the surprise packages that arrive regularly. Sach gets to open all presents sent by mail. He has really enjoyed that. Now to find a house to put everything in......(sigh)
I can't wait to see the portraits. We took them all outside and the day was very sunny and windy. My eyes are super sensitive to the sun so I hope they turned out ok. :/
On a totally different note, my besty Tandi had her first baby on Wednesday, Clayton Wesley Poitevint (or "C-dub"). I was pacing by the phone before my bridal portraits anxiously awaiting new of the birth. Tandi lives in Midland and I was not able to be there. Little C-dub entered the world at 8lbs 1 oz 20 inches long! I'm so happy for Tandi and Garret and hopefully will be able to get away soon to see the little rascal! I will definitely post pictures when I do.

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