Thursday, May 13, 2010

After wedding blunders....

#1. I've been worried lately because we still hadn't received our marriage license. A couple of my friends said they got their's in the mail the next week. Well the 2 week marker hit and we still had not gotten it. We were having it sent to my dad's house because our mailman has an issue with delivering our mail sometimes and it sucks! I knew that one of our wedding cards was returned as "not deliverable" (to my dad's house) because the name on the card was "Zipper." Well that got me to thinking, where would they send the license then?? (My dad gets all kinds of mail with other names on it but his mailbox is obviously banned from Zipper!) So, when I got home from work on Wednesday night (2 1/2 weeks after wedding!) Sach gave me the good news: his mom had our marriage license!! You are asking yourself, how did Sach's mom end up with our license? Funny story. The mail sorter dude knew Sach's dad (who has the same legal name as Sach, "Rexy") haha!! So the envelope had his dad's name on it and the mail dude pulled the mail and took it to Sach's dad's shop. (The joys of small town living!) Well, Sach's dad lets his mail pile up at his shop and takes it to Sach's mom to open after it builds up. So, a week after it was post-marked, Sach's mom opened what she thought was mail for his dad and it was our marriage license! We are finally official!!!! Now to change my name to....(cringe)...Zipper. I'm having issues!

#2. We received a card with a $50 check in it at our wedding. The funny thing was, we could not read the names on the card. Even the check had a name on it we didn't recognize. We went through our invite list over and over again with no luck. We even pulled the card out again and really tried to make out the names on the card. The weird thing was what was written on the card. "Hope all your ups and downs are in bed" WHAT? Who writes that on a wedding card that you don't know very well?? It has really been bugging Sach and me! The other night, Baby D (Sach's friend) was over for dinner and we were telling him about it. He says "Wait, I know that from somewhere!" Come to find out, one of Sach's oldest friends gave us the card and had told Baby D what he wrote on it! Thank goodness! Then Sach remembers the wife (whose name was on the check) had requested Sach on facebook. It obviously never clicked! (MEN!)
Just some of our fun stories after the wedding! I'm sure everyone has some! :)

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