Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mema's 90th Birthday

My Mema (dad's mom) turned 90 last week. She's a great lady and hilarious! (Funny story: The day after Sach and I got married, we were telling her about it and she said "What'd you go and do that for?" :) She's hysterical!) The Stinnett clan got together to have a little party. My dad is one of 7 kids and 5 were able to be there. Only 2 cousins were missing so it was a good turn out.
Me and Mema (and my sister being "grown-up" :) )
My Mema (Mems as I call her) has played the piano most her life and still can play. Music is an amazing thing! My Mems suffers from Alzheimer's disease and can't remember any of us but if you mention an old song, she can sit at the piano and play it. Although the songs are getting more limited, it's amazing what she can remeber. My dad sat with her and sang while she played to help her out a bit :) All my dad's siblings are musically talented in some way and I'm sure it's all due to my Mems. Her little fingers still love to "stroke the ivory."

Some of the cousins (some had left)
Dad and his siblings with Mems
The 3 Stooges :)
Jordan, Kyle and Sach
I love my family!!! :) I wish we got together more often!!

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