Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots going on!!

This weekend we traveled to Dallas for my mom's wedding reception. My mom and Johnny T were married in Mexico in July and had a little reception on Sunday. Sach and I took advantage of the trip to look at furniture for our new house and also made a trip to the state fair. Johnny T has been going to the fair for 56 years and was shocked to hear we had never been. We had so much fun! We visited the Tom Landry exibit and I definitely recommed it if you are visiting the fair this year, expecially if you are a big football fan. Sach and I are used to the San Angelo carnival and were very excited to be going to the "real" thing! Of course we had to get a picture with "Big Tex" to make it official!

Mom and me :)

I won a chicken hat and let Johnny T wear it!

Sach and Johnny made some friends :)

This year at the State Fair you get in free if you dress like "Big Tex." Johnny T has his outfit ready to go for when he goes back with his buddy. (They have a ritual of visiting the fair together.)
On Sunday we went to the wedding reception for a little bit. We got to see some family that we usually don't get to see. It was held at my mom's church, which is huge and beautiful. I didn't really get good pictures of the reception but it was very beautiful and there were very yummy finger foods.
We left early to rush home just in time to make it to my dad's first "Chamber Singers" concert. It was awesome! I meant to take my camera in to record some of it but totally forgot in our rush to get there. Dad looked handsome in his tux and the music was beautiful!
Tomorrow is our doctor's appointment to find out what we are having!!!!! I'm stoked! I have continued to feel great. My clothes are definitely getting tighter and I have a little belly, not quite noticably preggo yet though. So there will be an update soon with the news of the babe.
On Thursday this week we close on our house! My landlord called last week and told us we had to be out by Friday, (ahhhh!). So we are crazily packing and trying to move boxes to my dad's garage. My dad is a saint for letting us use his garage space and also letting us stay at his house while Sach finishes the floors in the new house before we move in. We are super stoked to be moving into our house finally!! So I have to get back to packing!!

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