Sunday, October 24, 2010

New house, growing belly.....bliss:)

We finally got moved into our new house and we couldn't be happier! It was hard work right away so we could get stuff done before we moved our goods in. Sach came straight over after closing and started ripping up carpet and other flooring. The entire house was floor-less the first day! (Thursday) Have I mentioned we have the best family ever?! My sister came over and helped Sach rip out carpet and padding and then my dad, Donna, and Sach's mom came over to help paint the main rooms before the new carpet was put down. By Friday afternoon, all the carpet was in! Sach spent the weekend putting in tile with a little help from a friend and by Monday we could move in! It has been an ongoing process to try to get the rest of the painting done. The baby's room is still totally empty and not painted! That is the next room to accomplish.
Dad painting :)
Judy and Donna painting their hearts out!
So far we have only been working on the living room and kitchen. I seem to like the neutral tones. Sach was not a big fan of the blacks and browns so I bought some pillows to throw in some color. My dad gave me 2 wingback chairs which add a nice touch but need to be reapolstered. My mom said she'd switch me for her red ones so that should work out nicely! Getting a house set up is a slow process but it is coming along. I love our living area. It is large and open with great natural lighting! I love sunshine and windows! We still need pictures and paintings to hang on the walls so it's is still a bit barren. My mom came down and helped to buy some little stuff to decorate! It was nice to have room for her to visit! I love our house!

The living room so far

As for baby news, the belly is growing rapidly! Our little babe is now 21 weeks along. Over half way!! I can't believe how this pregnancy is flying by! It seems like I have grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks! We've been taking pictures every couple of weeks. I haven't settled into my weight gain as well as I thought I would. It's tough gaining weight but I think I'll get better. The little guy is kicking up a storm! It's fun watching my belly move around and Sach can see and feel him kicking! I finally feel like I'm pregnant and not just gaining weight! :)

17 weeks

20 weeks

I'm excited to get the house put together and start on the baby room! We have 4 more months to get it done! Ahhhh!


tiffanyadam said...

I'm so sorry...I laughed out loud when you said your belly is growing seriously look as big as I was at 8 weeks along!! I get SO huge, SO fast! YOU LOOK SO GREAT! I'm so excited for you guys -- you are going to be such a great Mommy and from what I've heard about Sach, I bet he will be such a great Daddy! Your house looks beautiful, can't wait to see more pictures. Wish I was closer to help you guys out -- we moved when I was 6mos along and I think Sophia was about 3mos old before we were fully unpacked!! Hope it goes faster for you guys, you're such a blessed couple!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the is looking so great! Decorating and getting settled can be a process, but it's fun!

Your little baby bump is adorable. I hope you are feeling great and enjoying your pregnancy. Before you know he'll be here!