Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Birthdays!! :)

We have 3 birthdays in November in our fam, me (1), dad (2) and my nephew Cash (12). So on Saturday night we had a birthday dinner. My dad's girlfriend Donna has cooked for us the last 3 years so we have now made it a tradition. Dad and I go hunting while everyone else gets it ready, conveinent? I think not. :) I made cupcakes and used my cupcake carrier I got for our wedding. I was super excited! Mason devoured his cupcake and I didn't take pictures! It was hilarious. He may or may not have been encouraged to make a mess by his Uncle Sach. :/

Me and Dad
Cash and Mason
The pregnancy is going well. I keep forgetting to download my pictures and label them so I'm not too sure if this first pic was taken at 21 or 22 weeks but it's somewhere in there. It seems like every morning I wake up the belly is BIGGER! Our little babe is SUPER active and loves to kick around. I have a feeling he is going to be very active just like his dad. All is going well and I feel great! I found that my coveralls for hunting this weekend are getting a little tight in the belly area. I'm going to have to go get some bigger ones to last the next 2 months!
21 or 22 weeks?

23 weeks
We have yet to pick a name for the little guy. I think we will end up choosing 2 names and then deciding once we see him. I ordered my baby bedding this week so I'll post a pic on that later. If anyone knows a good website to order cribs from please let me know! :) That is my next project!

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