Saturday, January 29, 2011

Graham's room :)

I've been waiting for my nursery room furniture to come in all week. When I got home last night Sach said it still hadn't come in but that he bought a dresser for the baby room. When I went to see it, all the furniture was in and set up! :) I love, love, love my husband!!!! I have been so stressed about getting the room together and now all I have to do is organize! So with much anticipation, here is Graham's room, with some still needed improvements and cleaning. :)

Sach's mom is painting my old toy box that my dad made me when I was little to put in the room too! :) I can't wait!


tiffanyadam said...

SO Cute! I love the colors that you chose! How exciting -- I can't to see pictures of Mr. Graham...he's going to be one cute and very loved baby!

Sarah said...

Soooo precious! What a great color combo! His room looks awesome!