Thursday, June 9, 2011

Updates to G's room..

I keep meaning to post pictures of G's fantastic gifts! First is the toy box that Sach's mom painted to match G's room! It was my toy box as a kid that my dad has made for my mom way before we came along. I didn't take before pictures but it was just solid blue.

Did I mention that Sach's mom is extremely talented?!!! She's the BOMB! and I love how it turned out!

Second, my friend Courtney from work had some letters painted to match G's room. Jordan Patterson (I think is her name) painted them. (Her mom owns "Random Acts", my favorite store in the village shopping center.) Again, they are fabulous!! :) And please don't judge the crappy hanging job, I need to work on them. :)

I love the little details!

The "R" is my favorite! Have I mentioned I LOVE elephants?!! :)

Thank you Judy and Courtney for the finishing touches on G's room!! Yall are the BEST!!! :)

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