Friday, June 3, 2011

3 months!

G is 3 months old!! Time is FLYING! He has changed to much in the last month and is getting bigger by the day. Some things that stand out from the last month are:

He definitely has a big personality.

His eyes are going to end up being brown, darnit! I was hoping he'd get my blues but I do like his daddy's eyes. :)

He's just on the verge of rolling over.

G is still breastfeeding most of the time but usually get one formula bottle during the day because mom cannot keep up with his needs. Pumping at work during a 12 hour shift is hard but I'm doing my best! I've been taking some pills to help increase my milk and they seem to have helped a little bit.

G is a pro at cooing but his giggles are hiding. We have heard him giggle once and it seems like he's going to all the time but nothing comes out! We can't wait till he starts giggling more! :)

Loving some tummy time! :)

I took G to meet my Mema on his 3 month birthday! My Mema has Alzheimer's Disease and lives at Sagecrest. She kept asking my dad if G was his. :) She was so sweet with him and kept saying how soft he is. :) G did good with her too. He smiled for her and cooed for her.

I've been sick the last 2 days, running fever and sore throat. I got an antibiotic shot today so hopefully I'm on the mend. I'm praying G doesn't catch whatever it is I have.

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Jordan said...

So sweet! He;s so cute!