Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 months old! and 1 year!

I know this is super late! I don't know how people do these things with little ones! :)
Easter Sunday was mine and Sach's 1st wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe how much we've accomplished in the first year of marriage. We bought a house AND had a kid! I love him more now that I ever did, he's the best dad and husband ever! :)

G was 2 months old (2 weeks ago!). We had his 2 months check up and he got his first round of shots. I thought I could handle it but when time came for the shots I couldn't even look, not that watching Sach react to G's face was any better! G was a champ though! He's growing fabulously!

Weight: 9 lbs 9 oz (10th percentile)

Length: 22 1/4 inches (15 percentile)

Head circumference: 15 inches (10 percentile)

Poor G has no hope in being tall! The practitioner says she's happy with his growth and for us not to be upset if he's always in the lower percentiles, his parents are pretty small too! :) G has started smiling and has been a happy little guy. He's still not sleeping in his crib much, a little due to tired parents who don't want to stay up all night fighting the crib.

We've had people tell us he looks like both of us. I think he looks like Sach a whole lot and just a little like me maybe. I don't see me in him at all. He's just real stinkin' cute! :)

My mom bought G an elephant outfit at Christmas and he is finally big enough to wear it! I love elephants and I just couldn't resist taking a pic of him with the hat on! He'll kill me for the pics when he gets older I'm sure. He was actually pretty content with the hat on, I was surprised.

I hope everyone has a happy mother's day!! :)

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Sarah said...

He is SOOOOO cute!!!