Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Taste of Rice Cereal....

Tonight we gave G his first taste of rice cereal. Needless to say, it was not a winner. I will try to upload the videos soon because they are hilarious! :)

Looking so cute in his highchair! :) Excited about being a big boy! If only he knew what was coming, I think the expression would not have been so happy.

He says "No Way!"

Wondering, "What was that stuff? Gross!"

Our first experience was not a good one. We are open to suggestions on ways to mix it so that he will like it! :) Please!


grier said...

not sure if you have done any juice yet, but if you are comfortable trying it... instead of mixing it with water or milk, you could mix it with a bit of apple juice... that seemed to go over MUCH better with mine!! :o) ... hope all is well... that first pic of him in the highchair is DARLING... well, they ALL are darling, but you knew that already - eh!?!?

Emily said...

Poor baby!! That's funny. Well, I would suggest mixing in your milk if you're still nursing or use formula. With Jack, I mixed just a tiny bit of cereal with my milk, so it was super watery. It was messy and kind of felt like more trouble than it was worth. Have you tasted the rice cereal? It tastes like nothing. Just has a gross texture!! You could try mixing a tiny bit of pear or applesauce to give it some flavor too. I started doing that almost right away because pumping milk to add to the cereal was too much effort for me :) Good luck!