Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 and 8 months!

Wow! I'm really bad at keeping up on this! G is now 8 months old and alot has happened in the last 2 months! The week he turned 7 months he started crawling, pulled up to stand and broke his first tooth! I keep telling him one milestone at a time! He's a go getter these days and into everything. I just have to say he IS the happiest baby I've ever seen! He rarely cries or whines! (only when he's tired or hungry) He's always excited about bath time! (Hence the first pic!)

Thank you G for censoring your own pic! :)
I took his 8 month pics the same day we took our family pictures! G did so good for the photo shoot! I cannot wait to see them!! :) He looked very handsome is his sweater! :)

He loves standing up in his crib :)

Happy Baby!

Fun happenings:

~G has started talking more and more and Sach is happy to say G is saying "Dada" way more

often than "Mama".

~He likes to whisper and it is so stinkin cute :)

~He has 2 teeth now (both front bottom teeth)

~He loves to read books especially at bedtime.

~He is walking around furniture (holding on of course)

~ He says "baba, dada, mama" and makes the "f" sounds

~G loves to "click" tongue

~G has decided his bedtime is when he wants it to be. He used to go down easy around 7:45

or 8 but now he wakes up around 8:45 and doesn't go back to sleep until 10 or 10:30. (I

could use some tips here, is this when you let them "scream it out"? He screams bloody

murder until you pick him up and let him play a bit more, ugh! so frustrating!)

~G had his first runny nose this week and did not adjust well to breathing through his mouth.

We celebrated my birthday this last week. Is it sad that instead of going out on the town I opted to stay home and sleep? Man, I feel old!!

That's all I can think of for now. I'll try to update sooner next time :)

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tiffanyadam said...

He is SO stinkin' cute!!! You have such an beautiful family!! I cannot believe he is already doing all that at 8 mos -- makes me kind of sad but also excited that so much is going to happen for our sweet Livie in the next 6 months! My how time flies -- keep posting those pictures, I love to see his gummy smile!!