Friday, June 6, 2008


I kept my nephew, Cash, yesterday because he was sick and could not go to his babysitter's house. He was fun as ever, when his fever was down. I took a couple of pics but he doesn't like the camera much. :) Sach left today for his hardball hockey tournament today. He was pretty excited about it. It is the last tourney before nationals in July in New York. I'm also posting some pics of Sach playin hockey.
I'm getting nervous about starting my new job on Monday. I don't even have any scrubs and when I went to get some I found one shirt, one pair of pants and a jacket that fit, and they're all a different color.....should be interesting. Some of my friends have already taken their test.....I wish I had! The waiting is nerve racking! My friend Garland is coming in town today. She's living in Cali and is coming for her brother's wedding. I'm stoked to see her! :) I love that girl.

He's a thumb sucker :)

He looks alot like his mama, I think :)

Sach, doin what he does best!

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