Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Officially an RN

I am official!!!!!!! I now have "RN" after my name :) I told my dad how to look it up on the Texas board of nurses website and he saved a copy to his computer! hahaha He's such a dork but I'm blessed to have parents who love me and praise my achievements! Work is going well and I got my new name tag today. Silly...but I was real excited :) I still haven't done too much, just training. The ER has a new computer system that is AWESOME! No more writing on paper :) Technology is fantastic. Everyone I work with is great and my boss is awesome! I really lucked out! I'm thinking about not going back to school till next year so I can enjoy my life and my boyfriend and save some money so we can move!! I'm worried I might not go back if I stop now but I've done it before so I can do it again, right? I hope so.

So, I've decided my blogs are totally boring. I read everyone else's and it's all about their kids and family! Your lives are WAY more exciting than mine! I can't wait to have kiddos and be married to my Sach (aka Unkle Ach, Handbag, S.A.). He's pretty fantastic. He's been upset lately cause I go to bed so early we don't spend alot of time together. :( He leaves for New York next week for the national hockey tournament. He'll be gone for 11 days! I'm already dreading it! I took this great pic of him as we enjoyed our celebratory beer for me finishing my test! I definitely needed one after that thing! I think it captures him perfectly :)

And people wonder why we are perfect for each other! :)


Ashley said...

Girl, your blogs are NOT boring!! I enjoy reading your blog! :) BUT yes, you and your handbag need to get married and have some babies!! ;) Way to go Chelsea Stinnett RN

Ashley said...

oh and P.S. you can come see me when your handbag is gone...!!!

Oh P.S.S. Kelton STILL talks about swimming with you! :o)

Amy said...

Congrats! I am so proud of you!
I agree with Ash. I enjoy your blog and getting married & having babies is a GREAT idea!

Janet said...

First of all, CONGRATS!!! Good for you! Second of all, you are not boring and neither are your blogs! It will be fun to see you have kiddos one day though. And third of all, name tags rock! They are totally worth getting excited about!