Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend Update

(If you have a weak stomach or are against hunting, then I would advise you NOT to read this post)

Birthday weekend went well! :) My birthday was Saturday, the 1st and my dad's was Sunday, the 2nd. I've always loved having my birthday with my dad. Maybe that's why we get along so well? My dad's "friend" wanted to cook dinner for us so Sach, Cas and Bob and Cash, and Juli and I went over to my dad's on Saturday night for dinner. We ate and laughed and watched Tech beat the crap out of Texas! :) I have to say Juli and I spent most of the time on the computer but what's new? :) I got a new purple ipod for my birthday. I got to use it on Thursday when I worked out and it is AWESOME!
Another plus to birthday weekend was that it was opening weekend for deer season too! :) We (me and dad) LOVE it when this happens!! I've been a hunter ALL my life and still love it! I like spending time with my dad and being outdoors. We have shared many laughs on hunting trips. We didn't have any luck on my birthday morning but on Sunday, I shot this nice buck! It was at my feeder when the sun came up and I couldn't tell what it's antlers looked like but I noticed it had a very nice size body. I watched him for a while and waited to see if anything else showed up worth shooting. A few young bucks and some small doe showed up but I'm a picky shooter and waited patiently. Just before the sun came over the hill, (which blocks my scope) this buck started to leave. I figured I might as well try a shot, he had a large body and my freezer was EMPTY :) So I took a long shot at him. I felt very good about my aim but he ran about 50 yards and then stopped. I was quite surprised, I could have sworn I hit him! (You can tell you hit by the sound of the shot) He stood real still moving his head from side to side really slow. I figured since he was standing there I might as well try another shot, why not? So I shot again. By this time my heart was pounding and I wasn't as confident in the second shot. My gun knocked me back on the second shot so I didn't see if he fell or if he ran. My dad had his walkie talkie off so I decided to take the truck and go see if I had a deer. Just before I climbed the hill my dad came on the walkie and said it sounded like I hit both times! So I went and picked my dad up and we went to search. Just as I was talking him through my morning I looked over and there he was! He was larger that I had thought and his antlers were awesome! :) He was an older deer which is good but one of his antlers was broken off. As I was field dressing him, I noticed I had shot him BOTH times! If I had waited just another minute before the second shot he would have fallen! :) O'well!! My freezer is now packed to the max and I can't wait to make some chili and stew! Bring on the cold weather! :) (It was an 8 point with about a 17.5 in spread if you were wondering )

He even had a little drop tine

He was super heavy!

Dad and I had both forgotten our cameras so we had to make a trip to my house to take some pics before having the deer processed.

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Ashley said...

Nice! Glad you had a good Birthday weekend! :)