Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Warrington Place :)

This past Saturday we went to Sach's grandad's ranch out in Robert Lee. This was my first trip to Robert Lee. I had no idea what pretty country it is! I have included LOTS of pics. Sorry, but I couldn't just pick a few. This is Sach's mom's side of the fam. They are very sweet and were very hospitable :) Harvey (grandad) has longhorns that you can walk right up to. I got some good pics that I didn't post (I only put one). They are HUGE! Sach has a burn on his nose in these pics and hates that I took so many of him. Don't ask him how he got it because he'll just make up a story because he's embarrassed about the event :) (hint: it includes a weak arm, saw blade, and the smell of something burning). We had so much fun at the ranch! We didn't get to stay the night with everyone because I had to work :( Go figure I was put on call most of the next day. I never knew there was a hill out there called "Titty Peak." It really does look like a boob! haha! Sach was quick to point it out :)

Madeline and me being silly

Sach, Madeline and Charity
Harvey and Judy (Sach's mom)

Madeline loves her Uncle Ach

Sach with "Titty Peak" :)

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Janet said...

Great pics! Y'all look so cute! Oh yes, I am well acquainted with Titty Hill! Nice, eh?