Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...

We went to a party at Justin and Becca Tate's house on Saturday. Sach was very excited because he had so much fun at a party the weekend before with the same peeps. We ended up staying till 2:30am! I haven't stayed out that late in FOREVER! It was super fun and I have to say my stomach hurt SO bad the next day from laughing so hard! Laughing IS the best workout. Sach and I organized a washer pitching tournament and ended up drawing the same number so we got to play together! Then we ended up winning the whole thing! We won $90!! Some people say it was rigged but seriously, how could it have been? It just shows who the real champs are! :) The Tate's were so sweet to have such a fun party at their house and cook so much great food! I took the ever popular "7 Layer Dip" that I have to say went pretty fast. :) I took very few random pics throughout the day/night. Once again, I take my camera but don't use it!

Kirstin, Molly and other peeps
Washer watchers! :)
Art, Sach, and Jeff :) of me and Sach (shocker!!)

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Jordan said...

I can e-mail you the poem if you want or post it in your comments section... Do I have a current e-mail for you? Glad you got to visit your mom on Mother's day and had a fun Memorial Day!!