Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Reunion

Wow, I have LOTS of catching up to do. We had my mom's family's reunion in mid June. It was super fun! The last reunion we had was around 15 years ago so it was due time! We had a lot more people turn out that we were expecting but it was fun! My aunt Martha has a lake house in Runaway Bay (north of Weatherford) so it seemed like the perfect place to have the reunion. We rode jet skis and played in the water most of the time. Sach got in on a volleyball game, I'm not very good at volleyball. It was fun for Sach to meet the WHOLE fam. At one of the first reunions I can remember (in Abliene) everyone had a shirt that stated which one of my Gran's siblings they belonged to. For example: my Gran's name was Lois so our shirts said "Lois's Legacy" and her sister Ella's fam wore "Ella's Entourage". I can't remember all the siblings names but there were alot of people there. Well, in honor of the old ways I had shirts made that said "Lois's Legacy" for the fam. I think my uncle was the only one who actually wore his shirt all day. It was SO hot! My cousins seemed to think we were total hill billies for doing it! :) O'Well, maybe we are! We all put them on for a family pic though. My mom only has 2 younger siblings still alive, her other siblings were alot older. It was great to get all my cousins together even though some couldn't make it. I love my family and it was definitely time for everyone to get together! Here are just a few pics of the fam!

My Fam! My mom, uncle Gary and aunt Martha are in front

Ella's Entourage (they just happened to have an old shirt for the pic)

Cousin Alyssa who just moved back from NYC!

My sis, cousin Jana(my mom's niece), and my mom

My cousins Drew, Derek, and Jenni and Sach hanging out

I can't wait for the next one!!

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