Friday, July 3, 2009

Hockey Nationals

Sach recently had his National Rink Hockey tournament in Lake Worth. It was a week long tournament but I only got to go for the last 3 days. Needless to say, Sach's team won first place in their division! They were the defending champs from last year (in New York). Sach also got MVP!! He's awesome! The championship game was against a girl's team (mostly made up of the US Women's team that just won in Japan). They were hardcore! I love watching Sach play. He is so competitive. He coaches 2 kids team which also placed. His Freshman team (14 and under) got 1st place and one of his players got MVP. His Midget team (10 and under) placed 3rd! There were teams from all over at the tournament like Washington state, Pennsylvania, New York and the teams from this division from Arkansas and around Texas. Alan from Lubbock played on Sach's team this year. He's a really good player. I got to meet some of Sach's friends from all over whom he's played hockey with since he was a kid. This is the only time he ever sees them so he loves going to nationals every year. He calls them his "Hockey Fam." Just a few pics and a video of Sach scoring a goal! :) I will hopefully have some more pics coming, my camera did not like taking pics in the rink.
San Angelo Aces

Total nerds :)

Sach's team for the most part relaxing after winning!
Wapo, Daniel, Jonathan, Sach and Art

Hanging poolside!

Daniel was extremely supportive of his team by shaving his jersey into his chest! :)

Sach is #3


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Janet said...

Congrats to Sach! That's awesome! You look hot by the way!