Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Cluster of Updates

So I forgot to post a specific pic. While hanging with the cousins, Cash showed some possible soccer skills. I think he kinda liked it!! I can't wait till he plays soccer! :)

Cash making a goal
I think Cash had fun hanging out with the cousins. He hadn't been around many boys all weekend so he got some good "guy time" at the party. My cousin Derek made him feel very welcome, Thanks Derek!

Derek and Cash

Sach and I finally were able to have a weekend to ourselves this past weekend! We hadn't had a weekend just to hang out together since August! I was kinda upset because on Friday I started running fever and felt terrible and I was afraid it would ruin our weekend but I was a trooper and we had a good time. We called it Date Weekend. I was "on call" on Friday so we rented movies, "Baby Mama" and "Leatherheads." I really like BM, it was hilarious! We were disappointed in leatherheads, it was really slow and not as good as I had expected. On Saturday, I cooked breakfast and we went downtown to watch Sach's sister clog, that is also what we did on our first date. We thought it only fitting to make it a tradition on date weekend :) Sach got some "Maddie" time, his niece. She loves her "Uncle Ach" :) We also got to visit with his mom and sister. It was a beautiful day to be outside so we walked around downtown a little as well.

Sach and Madeline

Madeline, Sach and Charity(his sis)

After our stroll downtown we went by my dad's house and I got my Cash fix. Dad was keeping Cash for the afternoon. Cash was thrilled to see me! :) My dad had some company and they said his face really lit up when he heard my voice and saw me walk around the corner :) I LOVE IT! Sach and I went to eat at The Wharf and then went to the movies to see "The Express." That was a FANTASTIC movie. I would definitely recommend that movie. It was a tear jerker at times, but really good. Overall, I think Date Weekend went very well and Sach and I were excited to get to hang out together, even if I was sick all weekend :( I'm feeling tip top now though :)

Sach leaves for Mexico this week to play in a hockey tournament in Mexico City. He's really excited about going but he's ready for it to be over at the same time. He gets stressed out when he goes on trips like this and he is in charge of the jerseys so that adds to the stress. We picked up their jerseys this morning and they look awesome so he was a little relieved. Pray they win! :)

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Janet said...

That first pic is one of the coolest pics ever! I'm glad you had a good weekend, and that you are feeling better. B and I watched Baby Mama last week and we thought it was hilarious too! Have a great rest of the week!