Monday, October 13, 2008

On the Up and Up!

So, my mom's surgery went well. It took longer than expected, which worried me and Johnny T as we waited very impatiently in the waiting room. The doctor said her thyroid was worse than she had expected so they ended up putting in a drain tube. Also, one of her parathyroid glands would not stay in place so they transplanted it into her muscle. The parathyroid controls your calcium levels. (Her levels have been good so far so it's working!) Mom started feeling like she was swelling in her throat right after surgery so they kept her in recovery longer, which again had Johnny and me pacing the floor! But about 8pm (she went back at 12:45pm), she finally made it to her room and we got to see her. She was still real groggy from the anesthesia but she was talking and breathing! :) That's all I cared about. Of course being the little nurse I am, I inspected everything! My uncle Mike and Felipe came to visit right as she was getting to her room so they stayed with her while Johnny took me home to stay with Cash so Cassie could go see mom. (They don't allow children under the age of 12 in the waiting room or in patient's rooms)
My Unlce Mike is my dad's brother but he still considers my mom family. (My parents have been divorced for 3 years now) He's the sweetest. He fed mom ice and Jello while we were gone and stayed with her for a while even after Johnny and Cassie got back. I thought that was really awesome of him and it meant alot to my mom.
She had to stay over night. The next morning the doctor came in with 5 residents to pull mom's drain tube. Mom told them they reminded her of Grey's Anatomy and I think the doctor was offended because she said, "I like to think we're better than that." But one of the residents lightened the mood with "but we're equally good looking." :) I took mom home on Saturday about noon. She is doing great, a little sore but that is to be expected. She has alot of swelling in her face but it is going down a little more every day. I think they tilt the patient's head back to do the surgery so alot of the fluid settled in her face. She made me promise not to post any pictures of her because she thinks she looks awful! She's beautiful though :) Her incision is only about 3 inches, if that, wide and it is right in the crease of her neck so she shouldn't have a very noticeable scar. We had a great time in Dallas with mom and Johnny T. Cash loved Nana's house because it was so big and he could crawl for days :) I got some cute pics of him that I'll post later.
Thank you all for your prayers for my mom. She's doing great and sounded good when I checked on her today. I am very thankful and lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I hated having to come home and leave her! I love you Mom! Happy healing! :)

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Ashley said...

I am so glad she is doing well! Tell Mom that I love her! Glad she had you there to take care of her!