Thursday, October 2, 2008

For my mom....

I have been the worst daughter ever! :) I have not posted anything about my mom in a while and she emailed me and asked if I had a mom! :) So this is for my mom. I was going to post a blog for her next week, but since she gave me a guilt trip I'll have to do it early.

I have the best mom in the world! Not only did she give me her good looks, she is my best friend. Next week is a very big week in her life. On Friday, Oct 10 not only will she have surgery to remove her thyroid, but she will celebrate her 4th year of sobriety! My mom is a truly amazing person. She has overcome the hardest obstacle. Her life has changed drastically in the last 4 years and she has made the best of it. She recently made a move from Fredericksburg to Dallas. She has a wonderful boyfriend that I adore. She is truly an inspiration. She's not afraid to ask for help and jumps at the opportunity to help someone else. I love her dearly and wish I could see her more often. I miss ya mom but I'll see you next week! I LOVE YOU!! :)

Please pray for my mom and her surgery next week, she freaks going under anesthesia. She has hyperthyroidism and her doctors say that this is the best way to control her levels. She has struggled over the last 2 years controlling her thyroid levels. I'll be posting updates while I get to be her nurse over the weekend :)

Cassie, me, Cash, Dad and Mom :)

Me, Mom, and Johnny T

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Janet said...

We'll pray for her! Surgery can always be scary!