Saturday, March 5, 2011

Graham Owen Zipper

Graham blessed us with his presence one week ago today! February 26, at 4:18 am and weighed 6lbs 12 oz, 20 in long. It was a perfect labor and went very quick! I was very grateful, needless to say. I had worked on Friday, my last 12 hour shift before my maternity leave started. I had contractions all day during work but didn't think anything of it. I clocked out at 7:08 pm and as I was walking out the back door of the ER my water broke! I turned around and walked right back in and was wisked to Labor and Delivery by one of my co-workers. It was perfect timing. Sach rushed to the hospital and was so excited! We called my mom so she could head in from Dallas. My dad and Donna were out of town for a basketball game and headed in and my doctor was out of town too! The doctor made it into town in time for the delivery, thank goodness! My sister came to keep me company while Sach ran back home for some essentials. Needless to say the contractions started coming and since my water had broken they were intense! I went ahead with the epidural around 1am to try an sleep since I had been working all day! I dilated from a 2 to a 10 in an hour and a half and before we knew it we were parents! Little Graham has been amazing and is trying to get his nights and days straight but is having a little trouble. Sach and I have been crazy pooped but the excitement of being parents far outweighs the bags under our eyes :)

Graham, not wanting his picture taken
Before the birth

We couldn't stop staring!

Our sweet little fam!
Graham had some issues with jaundice this week so we were having to use a "Bili-blanket" and that's why he is naked in the last pic. I am not trying to freeze my child out! :) He has fully recovered and couldn't be more perfect! Being a mom is the best thing in the world and I think Sach would agree with being a dad :)


Emily said...

Congrats Chelsea! You're a pro!! I am so happy for you guys! Being a mom is the best (and hardest) thing you will do in life! Enjoy every minute of your sweet baby!!!

Jordan said...

Congrats!!! He's beautiful!

grier said...

holy moly... that is quite an entrance, little guy ;o)... he is a precious hunk of love! wishing much love & lots of sleep to all of you... xxoo - brittany